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Serving Medford, Mass. and the Greater Boston Area


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My name is Gerard MacDonald. I am a locksmith who services Medford, Massachusetts and the surrounding towns — but would be willing to travel further. I have been in this business for 18+ years, servicing autos, homes, and businesses... No Job is too Small. So if you are in need of my services, please contact me.

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Phone: (781) 391-5801 or (877) 446-LOCK (5625).





Sir Locks-A-Lot Specializes In:


     Master Keying: have one key that fits every lock in your house

     Rekeying Locks: keep your old lock but make a different key fit it—much cheaper than buying a new lock!

     Automotive: we make keys for car locks, install car locks, replace them, disconnect car alarms, and can get you into your car if locked out

     Lock-out service: available 24 hours to get you into your home or business

     Anything having to do with locks


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Past Clients in the Boston Area Include:

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     Housing Authorities: weve installed locks on over 1000 units

     Local Police and County Law Enforcement: weve changed all their locks

     Ambulance Services

     and many happy residential customers



Gerard is one of the nicest and most professional contractors you will meet. He is courteous, prompt, and does a wonderful job. Id recommend him to anyone. Thanks so much for your good work! — Joel, Somerville, MA



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