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Serving Medford, Mass. and the Greater Boston Area






My name is Gerard MacDonald. I am a locksmith who services Medford, Massachusetts and the surrounding towns — but would be willing to travel further. I have been in this business for 18+ years, servicing autos, homes, and businesses... No Job is too Small. So if you are in need of my services, please contact me.

Phone: (781) 391-5801 or (877) 446-LOCK (5625).

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Sir Locks-A-Lot Specializes In:


     Master Keying: have one key that fits every lock in your house

     Rekeying Locks: keep your old lock but make a different key fit it—much cheaper than buying a new lock!

     Automotive: we make keys for car locks, install car locks, replace them, disconnect car alarms, and can get you into your car if locked out


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     Anything having to do with locks


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Past Clients in the Boston Area Include:

     Housing Authorities: weve installed locks on over 1000 units

     Local Police and County Law Enforcement: weve changed all their locks

     Ambulance Services

     and many happy residential customers

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Gerard is one of the nicest and most professional contractors you will meet. He is courteous, prompt, and does a wonderful job. Id recommend him to anyone. Thanks so much for your good work! — Joel, Somerville, MA

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